• In case of sending goods by truck, specify K after the customer code, such as XXXxxxx(K).

  • In case of sending goods by vessel, specify M after the customer code, such as XXXxxxx(M).

**If not specified, WUEX reserves the right to deliver by car only

  • There is no minimum order for delivery, just order 1 piece and it can be delivered.

  • Mostly calculating the distance from the store to the Chinese warehouse. The further away the price will be more expensive.

  • Every purchase from a Chinese stores,you must get the tracking number every time as evidence that the store has delivered the product. The customer can check the product status 24 hours.

  • WUEX Cargo has a service to combine products to send out at the same time. Combining products will also help save costs for customers.

  • WUEX Cargo is only the representative of customers in contacting merchants in China. When the customer transfers payment for the product, WUEX Cargo will immediately send the payment to the Chinese store.

  • If the Chinese store refuses to refund the money or deny liability, WUEX Cargo will be the only contact person. to request a refund from the store.

  • Our advice is customers to check the store to see if it is trustworthy or not before making a decision to purchase a product.

  • If a problem occurs, WUEX Cargo can only facilitate being a representative in contacting the store. Cannot be held responsible for the store as WUEX Cargo is only an agent in contacting the store on behalf of the customer. If you encounter a problem with a cheating store, do not send the product or send it in the wrong way, WUEX Cargo recommends not ordering from that store again.


  • In case of product is easily damaged during transportation, WUEX recommends using wooden crates to prevent products from being bumped or jammed during transportation. For the service fee of wooden crates, Customers can check at www.wuexcargo.com/บริการเสริม


  • In case of general products, the company is responsible for up to 3 times of the shipping cost. But not more than the product value.

  • For FDA products and TIS, company reserves the right not to be responsible in all cases



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